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Exciting news:  SAS now offers an interface to Python!  If you have Python 3.x or above and SAS 9.4, you can use pip to install the saspy module.  This module allows a Python process to connect to SAS and use SAS data sets and run SAS code.  You can find more information at  Here’s a very simple Python session conducted after installing saspy:


Equally if not more exciting is the sas_kernel project that provides a SAS kernel to be used with Jupyter notebooks.  A document about setting this up (which includes the saspy installation), can be found in H:\Information Central\CSCC DIVISIONS INFO\Stat Computing.  See the document named Jupyter notebook running SAS.docx.  Here’s a fragment of a sample notebook session:


Anyone familiar with how Jupyter notebooks are used in the data science world knows that this is a huge deal!





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